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Kevin Hicks            (727) 359-3230

Geography: USA, or anywhere else you need him

Service: Workforce Risk Management Specialist

Organization Type: All

Industry: All

30+ years of Experience,

our special ops expert

Kevin has extensive experience in managing risk as it pertains to the safety and security of assets and personnel located or operating in geopolitically and environmentally dangerous regions.  Leveraging a 25-year career in the British Army, a deep knowledge of military special operations and a post-military career in emergency safety products, aviation rescue and workforce safety software, Kevin brings a no-nonsense perspective to managing and mitigating crisis and risk.  Working through Conduko's platform partner, Drum Cussac Group, Kevin assists Conduko's clients in addressing a variety of infrastructure and workforce-related risks including those pertaining to international travel, terrorism, political emergency and natural disasters.  

Kevin holds degrees from the British Army Education Centre in Hildesheim West Germany, the Royal Military Academy of Science and the RBL Technical College in Tidworth, England, with a concentration as an IT practitioner in electronic data security and recovery.