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our gentleman diplomat

Paul Marcela is a seasoned corporate governance professional who has a unique combination of diplomacy, advocacy, ambassadorship, leadership and international management skills.  Paul has served as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to two Cerberus Capital Management private equity-controlled companies operating in the bus manufacturing sector of the U.S. automotive industry and as Associate General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary of Dow Corning Corporation, the largest silicone chemical product producer in the world and currently a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.  In these roles and to varying degrees, Paul was responsible for building out the offices of the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary and for managing a wide range of transactions and on-going corporate governance matters at companies operating in heavily regulated industries.   

Leveraging the Conduko platform through Conduko's Professional Services Partner, Governance Partners Group LLC, Paul provides fully or partially outsourced offices of the Corporate Secretary and Chief Governance Officer.  He frequently speaks and writes about the roles and responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary/Chief Governance Officer and the General Counsel and about the benefits of separating and outsourcing these roles to varying degrees when certain circumstances are present.

Paul earned a J.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University, a M.B.A. degree from Central Michigan University and a B.S. degree from Allegheny College.  Although he currently does not practice law, Paul is admitted to practice law in the State of Michigan.